Aguirio Maritima y Fluvial S.A. is a company formed with the firm objetive of being the best partner in the shipping business.

Actually counting with the invaluable support of ship owners, charterers, freight forwarders and shippers who have trust us for the constant development of their activities in the shipping bussiness.

Our hard-working spirit based on perseverance, trust, honesty and loyalty has achieved reciprocitiy in the relationship with our clients, motivating the development of a new projects with mutual benefits.

Our task has been improved during the years and according to the market demands and we are deeply convinced that we have the operational capacity in what it referens to service company, being al total disposal to receive your enquiry and quotation orders.


Our main task is that of port agent, which is carried out by highly qualified personnel with years of experience in the shipping industry. Overseas vessels of regular line and tramps, as well as coasters vessels that navigate throughout the hidrovia are directly attended by our operations department, covering the ports of Campana, Zarate, km 171 Rio Parana Guazú, Lima and Escobar, counting with colleagues in their capacity as local agents of prestigious experience in the field that represent us in the other ports of the country.



694 Dellepiane St - Campana (CP 2804) – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Phone.: (+54) 3489 426229/428562/438948
Web site: www.aguirio.com.ar

Operations Dept.
E-mail: oper@aguirio.com.araguirio@aguirio.com.ar

Accounting Dept.
E-mail: contaduria@aguirio.com.ar